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Elizabeth and Dave look at 11.2: The Ghost Monument - the second episode starring Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor - and Alex asks Who is Jodie Whittaker?

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Doctor Who returns with 11.1 The Woman Who Fell To Earth and brings the DWO Whocast with it. Elizabeth and Dave discuss the first episode of Jodie Whittaker's run and Alex offers some information about the show's new home - Sheffield

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In this episode of the DWO WhoCast Dave and Elizabeth are joined by Alex as they look at an old episode to discuss if it deserves love or is it truly monstrous?

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DWO Whocast - #323 - Doctor Who Podcast

A brief respite from boredom as Dave and Elizabeth look at three recent Big Finish releases featuring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson as The Fourth Doctor and Leela

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DWO Whocast - #315 - Doctor Who Podcast

Dave and Thomas look at the work of the late Christopher Barry.

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DWO Whocast - #310 - Doctor Who Podcast

Dave, Thomas and Agent Amy blast off to the Leicester Space Centre for the Science of the Time Lords Exhibition, where they meet Marcus Hearn (curator of The Vault) and have a Big Finish with Nick Briggs (well, it is panto season).

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Dave, Thomas, and Elizabeth revel in the 50th Anniversary celebrations with An Adventure In Space And Time, The Night Of The Doctor, The Last Day, and of course, The Day Of The Doctor itself!  Plus, a new competition! Huzzah!

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DWO WhoCast - #301 - Doctor Who Podcast

We look at the last three years of Tom Baker's run on the show - the time of Romana, K9, Douglas Adams and more.

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DWO WhoCast - #300 - Doctor Who Podcast

We gather to pay homage to the curly hair and teeth of Doctor number Four Tom Baker and to start to unravel the scarf of episodes making up his seven year run on the show. In this episode we discuss the first four years of his run.

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Dean and Thomas take a look at the process of regeneration that has kept the show fresh from William Hartnell to Matt Smith and how it has reflected the show and reflected on the character. Oh, there may be some nonsense halfway through that makes it sound like Dave and Elizabeth.

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DWO WhoCast - #295 - Doctor Who Podcast

Elizabeth watches as Dave ventures forth unto the barbaric wasteland of Milton Keynes whence he confronts Roberta Tovey, Jacqueline King, Richard Franklin and Bonnie Langford in a series of increasingly brutual combats........... Uh, has pleasant chats with four figures from the Doctor's past

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DWO WhoCast - #293 - Doctor Who Podcast

The crowded TARDIS gets even more crowded as Dave and Thomas squeeze in to look at the Fifth Doctor's reign and the man behind the celery - Peter Davison. Dave and Dean look at the latest Destiny of the Doctor title from AudioGO and Big Finish and Thomas reads Fear of the Dark by Trevor Baxendale.

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DWO WhoCast - #292 - Doctor Who Podcast

What is the Name of The Doctor? Who is Clara? Why am I asking so many questions?

We all get together for a bit of fan speculation before Elizabeth and Dave review the finale to the latest season of Doctor Who

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DWO WhoCast - #290 - Doctor Who Podcast

A great mind and a beautiful young woman whose relationship is the matter of speculation are joined by their thuggish associate as they watch The Crimson Horror, the latest episode of Doctor Who written by Mark Gatiss and starring Matt Smith, Jenna Louise Coleman and Dame Diana Rigg.

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DWO WhoCast - #288 - Doctor Who Podcast

Dave and Thomas Hide as Elizabeth and Michelle face The Talons of Weng-Chiang before Elizabeth and Dean meet up to discuss it all with Jago and Lightfoot

From the latest series starring Matt Smith to a classic Tom Baker story and the popular Big Finish range of Jago and Lightfoot stories, the DWO Whocast looks at Doctor Who from all angles

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DWO WhoCast - #287 - Doctor Who Podcast

Dave and Thomas got all hot under the collar about this week's Doctor Who as the Ice Warriors reappear to fight a Cold War in Mark Gatiss' latest story

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DWO WhoCast - #284 - Doctor Who Podcast

UNIT. How does it fit into the story of the Doctor? Is the Brigadier the ultimate companion or is he more than that. Dave, Elizabeth and Thomas have a good natter, Elizabeth offers her opinion of the Second Doctor Ebook The Nameless City and Dave and Dean are intrigued by the third Destiny of the Doctor release Vengeance of the Stones

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DWO WhoCast - #283 - Doctor Who Podcast

Jo Grant has long been thought of as a dolly bird with trendy gear and huge eyelashes but Dave and Elizabeth think that there is more to The Third Doctor's assistant played by Katy Manning.

Their discussion looks at the young girl who arrived in Terror of the Autons, her journey to become the idealistic woman of The Green Death and beyond to The Scorchies, the latest Companion Chronicle from Big Finish.

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DWO WhoCast - #279 - Doctor Who Podcast

Dave, Elizabeth, Thomas and Michelle look at the era of The Second Doctor; Patrick Troughton. The ladies look at the life of Mr Troughton and watch The Tomb of the Cybermen, while the gents also look at the Troughton era and mourn the lost episodes.

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DWO WhoCast - #275 - Doctor Who Podcast

Let's party like it's 1963! We start our celebration of fifty years of Doctor Who with a look back at the First Doctor played by William Hartnell.

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DWO WhoCast - #272 - Doctor Who Podcast

Elizabeth and Thomas discus canonicity which is really just a cruel man's way of making them watch A Fix with Sontarans and Dimensions in Time.

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DWO WhoCast - #269 - Doctor Who Podcast

Siobhan Gallichan returns to fulfil a childhood ambition - dinner and a chat with Doctor Who legend Terrance Dicks!

The DWO WhoCast - The show that takes recording devices to dinner.

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DWO WhoCast - #268 - Doctor Who Podcast

In this weeks episode of the DWO WhoCast...Dave, Elizabeth, Thomas and Michelle have a discussion about fear in the context of Doctor Who. What stories have scared us, do scare us and how fear changes with age.

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DWO WhoCast - #267 - Doctor Who Podcast

In this weeks episode of the DWO WhoCast...the team look at The Claws of Axos: Special Edition DVD, Series 7: Part 1 DVD and mange to squeeze in a natter about Rory's old man - Brian Williams.

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DWO WhoCast - #265 - Doctor Who Podcast

Dave, Elizabeth and Thomas take a stroll around the Ponds looking at the relationship between Amy and Rory

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DWO WhoCast - #264 - Doctor Who Podcast

Dave and Siobhan play podcast speed dating with Arabella Weir, William Russell, Carole Ann Ford, Janet Fielding and John Leeson at Showmaster events

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DWO WhoCast - #262 - Doctor Who Podcast

Dave and Thomas discuss fence painting and mention The Power of Three while the American ladies, Elizabeth and Michelle, look at how Who looks at America

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DWO WhoCast - #261 - Doctor Who Podcast

Dave and Thomas look at A Town Called Mercy and wonder exactly where the Doctor is heading.

Elizabeth and Michelle look at possible connections between the current storyline and Stephen King's Dark Tower series

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DWO WhoCast - #259 - Doctor Who Podcast

Asylum of the Daleks, Pond Life, a chat with Chris Barnardo from The Wand Company and the chance to win Dark Horizons on CD

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DWO WhoCast - #258 - Doctor Who Podcast

In this week's episode of The DWO WhoCast...Thomas talks to Mike Collins, the Artist of the new Doctor Who Graphic Novel; The Dalek Project.

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DWO WhoCast - #257 - Doctor Who Podcast

Ian Levine Part Two

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DWO WhoCast - #256 - Doctor Who Podcast

In this weeks episode of the DWO WhoCast...The first part of our two part interview with Doctor Who Fan and Classic Series Script Consultant; Ian Levine.

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DWO WhoCast - #255 - Doctor Who Podcast

Dave and Thomas have a natter about Remembrance of the Daleks and Big Finish's sublime spin off Counter Measures.

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DWO WhoCast - #254 - Doctor Who Podcast

Dave and Elizabeth look at The Butcher of Brisbane, Big Finish Audio, a timey wimey prequel/sequel to The Talons of Weng-Chiang, as well as a couple of the Big Finish Companion Chronicles.

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DWO WhoCast - #253 - Doctor Who Podcast

In this weeks episode of The DWO WhoCast...Dave and Thomas discuss Thr Greatest Show in the Galaxy - and the episode that ended it's twenty fifth year.

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