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DWO WhoCast - #285 - Doctor Who Podcast

Doctor Who returns to our screens in an adventure that sees him travel past (and up) some of London's most notable landmarks to save new companion Clara but has the latest episode been worth the wait?

Dave, Elizabeth and Michelle have a ding dong over The Bells of Saint John before our own Belles (see what we did there) Elizabeth and Michelle travel back to the era of Jon Pertwee to encounter The Daemons.

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DWO WhoCast - #284 - Doctor Who Podcast

UNIT. How does it fit into the story of the Doctor? Is the Brigadier the ultimate companion or is he more than that. Dave, Elizabeth and Thomas have a good natter, Elizabeth offers her opinion of the Second Doctor Ebook The Nameless City and Dave and Dean are intrigued by the third Destiny of the Doctor release Vengeance of the Stones

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DWO WhoCast - #283 - Doctor Who Podcast

Jo Grant has long been thought of as a dolly bird with trendy gear and huge eyelashes but Dave and Elizabeth think that there is more to The Third Doctor's assistant played by Katy Manning.

Their discussion looks at the young girl who arrived in Terror of the Autons, her journey to become the idealistic woman of The Green Death and beyond to The Scorchies, the latest Companion Chronicle from Big Finish.

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DWO WhoCast - #282 - Doctor Who Podcast

Dave, Elizabeth and Thomas look at the life and times of the Third Doctor, Mr Jon Pertwee

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