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DWO WhoCast - #236 - Doctor Who Podcast


The largish, not-that-pretty purple haired girl sat in front of a microphone, wondering how she had got herself into all this....

Look, Siobhan has a gander at Shada - the novelisation and the Audio Go reading by Lalla Ward. She also tries to fit it into the wider context of Series Seventeen. One wonders just how successful she'll be with that, to be honest...

Oh, and lovers of the various, interesting noises made by her cats will be in for a whole new world of treats...

The DWO WhoCast - Now with 100% more dog!

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DWO WhoCast - #235 - Doctor Who Podcast

Whilst Dave and Elisabeth are off gallivanting in the South Canada Sea, Siobhan decides to have a good old chinwag with Dan Freeman - the writer and producer of Death Comes To Time and the wonderful Minister Of Chance.

If you wish to help the Minister and get some perks in the process, please go to

The DWO WhoCast - It REALLY hates Colin Meeks' beard!

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DWO WhoCast - #234 - Doctor Who Podcast

Are you really fierce, Nimon?

Please welcome Elisabeth to the show as our new host. She'll be in rotation with Dave and Siobhan and will bring some intelligence to the show.


So, as requested, we have a little look see at monsters. Which ones scared us, which ones didn't and why?

There's also news, believe it or not.

The DWO WhoCast - 'Three of 'em! I didn't know when I was well off....'

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DWO WhoCast - #233 - Doctor Who Podcast

So, how to demonstrate just how good the Audio Go audio releases are... Dave and Siobhan take a look - or a listen - at/to Evil of the Daleks. And to tie in with that, Sobhan has a quick fumble with the Big Finish audio play of The Destructors, the Terry Nation pilot script for his hoped for American tv series.

There's also a bit of nonsensical news. Oh, and WhoCast news... As Stan Lee would say: 'When Cometh The Yoko!'

The DWO WhoCast - it actually uses the phrase 'It reeks of Terry Nationism'. Oh the shame...

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