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DWO WhoCast - #203 - Doctor Who Podcast

Have a special episode! Yes, it's our Sylvester McCoy interview. Lots discussed, including Big Finish, The O Men and exploding one's chest. However, we also discuss the new audio drama; The Minister Of Chance - which you can get from http://www.ministerofchance.com. Oh and theres a guest appearence from 'Derek' from 'Survival'

Dave and Tony also review The Minister Of Chance's two episodes that are avaliable so far - I say review... gush and dribble would be a more accurate description

Oh, and thanks to Clare Eden, we have permission to play the Minister of Chance prologue...

The DWO WhoCast - It's decided to kick the TorchCast out into the big, wide world to let it fend for itself - look out for it's new RSS Feed!

(Tony meant APART from the TV Movie!)

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