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DWO WhoCast - #200  - Doctor Who Podcast

'God Is In A Cracker!' - An Audience With Tom Baker.

Here it is, folks. Show 200 of the WhoCast. And dear Bod, it's a long one - you have been warned. Contained within is our chat with Fourth Doctor Tom Baker. Tom spent nearly two hours with us and we've snipped the top and tail from it for you. He is, however, a little... plain speaking in places,. So expect the odd bleep.

Will he work with Lalla again?

Will he return for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who?

And he also shares some memories of Nick Courtney and Lis Sladen. - some of which are touching, naughty and very funny.

And, creeping in underneath, through the back door, some former hosts, providing a not-so-heavenly choir...

Enjoy folks


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