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Doctor Who: DWO WhoCast #230 - Let's get something clear, Neil Perryman from Adventures With The Wife In Space/Tachyon TV. It's pronounced JELL Guards. That's JELL Guards. Do you see? JELL. As in JELLY. 'Cos they LOOK LIKE JELLY! JELL Guards. It's just spelt Gell Guards. It is, however, pronounced JELL Guards. Ahem...

Anyway, Dave 'n Siobhan look at the Revisitations 3 Box-set - which includes The Three Doctors with the Gell Guards (pronounced JELL!), Tomb Of The Cybermen and Robots Of Death.

There's also a highly scientific experiment in random determination.

The DWO WhoCast - It's been asked to make these show notes longer....


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