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Elizabeth and Thomas look at education in Doctor who from Ian and Barbara to Clara and Danny Pink. How has education been seen within the show and how much has the show educated the viewers? Essays due by Monday

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It's a Big Finish as Dave, Elizabeth and Dean tackle three titles Tag Team style - taking on White Ghost, The Sleeping City and Dark Eyes 2

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Thomas and Dave look at the Monster Collection and Thomas has a natter with Stephen Cole, author of Sting of the Zygons

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Dave and Thomas look at the work of the late Christopher Barry.

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Dave and Elizabeth look at three Big Finish audios - Luna Romana, Antidote To Oblivion and The King of Sontar.

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Dave and Thomas take giant steps while walking towards the Moonbase as they look at the latest DVD release and have a natter about all things Cyberman. Also a look at the wacky world of lost episode rumours

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The DWO WhoCast gather around the kitchen table and discuss the anniversary year - the smiles, the frowns, the ups, the downs, they're second nature to me now. Interesting fact, Bernard Cribbins recorded a version of that. Where was I? Oh yes, from The Bells Of Saint John to The Time Of The Doctor - it was a heck of a year and we have a heck of a talk.

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As the sun sets on the year, so it also sets on the reign of Matt Smith. Dave and Elizabeth look at The Time Of The Doctor and bid a fond farewell to the 11/12/13th Doctor (yup, we don't know either!).

We also have another song from Prizoner Zero who is bidding Amy A Pond Farewell.

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Dave, Thomas and Agent Amy blast off to the Leicester Space Centre for the Science of the Time Lords Exhibition, where they meet Marcus Hearn (curator of The Vault) and have a Big Finish with Nick Briggs (well, it is panto season).

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Dave, Thomas, and Elizabeth revel in the 50th Anniversary celebrations with An Adventure In Space And Time, The Night Of The Doctor, The Last Day, and of course, The Day Of The Doctor itself!  Plus, a new competition! Huzzah!

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