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The gents natter about Paul McGann and John Hurt and the ladies interrupt to give their opinion of the TV movie

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Doctor Who is back on the 23rd August with a brand new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. So in true WhoCast style, we're regenerating too, with our (more like tattered, rather than brand new) transitionary hosts.

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Dave, Thomas and Dean look at the Seventh Doctor as portrayed by Sylvester McCoy while Elizabeth and Michelle rewatch The Curse of Fenric

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To celebrate Matthew Waterhouse reprising the role of Adric for Big Finish, Dave, Elizabeth and Thomas have a natter about the role of companions, which ones they liked and which ones they didn't

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A brief respite from boredom as Dave and Elizabeth look at three recent Big Finish releases featuring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson as The Fourth Doctor and Leela

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Elizabeth and Dean look at series seven of Jago and Lightfoot and Siobhan holds court with Gabriel Woolf, Emma Campbell-Jones, Danny Jules Jones and Michael Kilgarriff.

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Thomas has a chat with Catrin Stewart, Dan Starkey and Andrew Cartmel while Dave whimpers about his health. Oh, and there is a competition to win a signed photo of Paul McGann.

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Dave, Elizabeth, Thomas and the Secret Agents look at the Doctors' regenerations, how the Doctors faced their end and how we coped with the change

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Elizabeth and Thomas look at feminism in Doctor Who and the role of female characters from Susan to Clara

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Elizabeth and Thomas look at education in Doctor who from Ian and Barbara to Clara and Danny Pink. How has education been seen within the show and how much has the show educated the viewers? Essays due by Monday

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